Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Well haven't I been busy...

The presentation was reasonably successful - mine was (as predicted) a little shorter than expected, and I got a bit muddled at the end when I tried to improvise rather than following my written speech, but I'm pretty happy with it. Our group managed 35 minutes dead on so even if individually we weren't quite right with the timings we nailed it as a group so really pleased with that! The other group that were also doing a presentation were far better than us though, their 5 week project involved doing actual science so I think they had more to talk about!

In other news - statistical thermodynamics coursework handed in, lab report is done and handed in (I wasn't convinced but one of my housemates described it as "incredible"), I've also had a go at a set of workshop questions and a tutorial both of which were given to us at quite short notice! All in all I think I've been quite productive, even managed to make a good start at packing. Just a few things left to sort out tomorrow morning (hoping to head home as soon as I finish at uni tomorrow).

To make my productivity all that more impressive I remind you that I'm still suffering with some sort of plague. Let me tell you it's not been pleasant. I have got through almost 2 boxes of tissues so far and the production of slime is showing no signs of slowing down. It's spread too, my lungs have decided to join in the party - I now sound like I've been smoking 40 a day for the last 20 years! Other than the generally feeling like I might die the downside to being ill is that I haven't been able to go on the turbo trainer for a few days (well I *could* go on, but I'm not sure it's a wise idea...), and I really could have done with some calorie burning action given that Monday night I ate an entire packt of custard creams, and only half an hour ago did I sit and eat an tub of Ben and Jerry's. One day I'm going to become horrifically obese!

With just over 2 weeks to go until the new year I've started thinking about goals for 2012. These are entirely separate from my list of things to do before I'm 25. Importantly I want to come away from uni with a 1st. This is hopefully achievable given I'm currently averaging just over 70%, lots of hard work from me to come! Getting into medical school is also a big goal for me for next year, if I don't not only will I not know what to do with myself it'll have been a big waste of money doing the entrance exams (didn't realise quite how much they costed, especially when I need to do 2 because there's not a standard one!).

So they're the big ones, associated with those is finding some sort of "proper" job, 'cos I need to earn lots and lots of money before starting medicine. I look at my (life) savings and it looks substantial, but I know that in the real world it will get me absolutely no where, but its a start. I just need to stop spending money online...

Bikes obviously form a big part of my goals too. Difficult to plan when I don't really have a timescale for being fixed (it's doubtful, but there might be progress on that front next week as I'm back at the hospital again next week), but bikes have to be there somewhere! There's the obvious big secret riding plan that I have. But also racing. Knowing that my accident was a purely incident it hasn't affected my general view on riding, but I'm not sure how I'll feel in a racing situation. Definitely need to "get back on the horse" though. My rough plan is to focus more on some endurance type racing this year as I need some tough training goals to motivate me on the turbo trainer!

Lots of other little goals too, I suspect I shall go into more details in the next couple of weeks as 2012 approaches...

The rest of my evening, and the non-lecture bits of tomorrow will mostly be filled with packing. I have no idea how it's all going to get in my car. I don't have *that* much stuff to take home, but when you have a bike, a turbo trainer and a hamster it doesn't take that much other stuff to fill up a small 3 door car! Car packing skills not helped by arm that doesn't work properly either!

That's enough rambling for me. Royal Variety Performance is on apparently. I shall watch that I think, not likely I'll move for a while, the B&J's has definitely hit my stomach now!

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