Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Morning all!

Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas! It was a much mow low key event in our house this year than previous Christmasses - money is a bit tight, and me and my brother are getting older so apparently should be less excited by Christmas!

Despite 21 now rapidly approaching this was the first year (within memory) that I haven't woken up ridiculously early on Christmas morning, although my dad assures me that my mum still woke up at 6am asking if she could go downstairs! I was happy enough lying in bed reading my book waiting for the rest of the house to stir and between us we lasted until about 8.30 before going downstairs to see what Santa had brought us.

I was very happy with what I was given - money, a new clock/radio thing, some DVDs, the new Zelda game for the Wii, some chocolate and some clothes (including an awesome chemistry t-shirt which took some explaining to my parents!). Wasn't really expecting it but no new bike, or any bike bits for that matter but that's OK, not like I've done a lot of riding recently! Although I most certainly wouldn't have said no to the cross frame (or full bike!) that I've been eyeing up for months! I expect I shall spend a little bit of my money on something bike related - I've an itching for a Garmin but I don't really *need* one so expect I'll just buy a bog-standard speedo.

My mum decided that we'd be better off eating our Christmas turkey in the evening, rather than lunch time - a good choice I think! We spent much of the day vegetating in front of the TV watching various christmas films, and DVDs that we'd been bought but took the hounds for a nice long walk before dinner to build up an appetite. Was a really nice walk, the weather was nice and the village was really quiet (I expect everyone was asleep after eating their Christmas dinners!). Was really odd seeing all the shops shut up and the little car park empty in daylight hours. Dinner was great - although we did resist the urge to go crazy with it! Ate enough that the sofa was about as far as we were going to get for the rest of the evening though!

Already spent almost half my money as we went to the boxing day sales yesterday (yes - we're crazy!), not that we stopped long as we all knew what we wanted - I bought myself a new pair of Converse(s?) seen as my 3 or 4 year old pair finally gave up on me last week and the sole split (I didn't mind the general tattiness of them but a shoe needs a sole!). My dad bought me a new Wii remote too, seen as it was he who bought me Zelda (because he knows it'll get left here during term time so he can play with it!), and it's a game which apparently requires motion plus (doesn't say on the box!), which I didn't have...

That meant I spent much of my afternoon playing on the Wii, would have just kept playing it (it really is a good game!), but there's only so much wing flapping and sword swinging my arm can manage - surely that's got to be good exercise though! After the traditional boxing day buffet, although for the first year it was just the 4 of us as we're taking the grandparents out for a meal later in the week, instead of having them over on boxing day, I decided (having not really done enough so far) I should probably get some work done. Finally got to the end of the first half module of notes. So that's 1/8 of my revision notes made it just over 1/4 of the holidays - I think my week to go over past papers etc. is looking a bit optimistic! I'll get back to it shortly though and hopefully can make some good progress today. Yes, I know to make progress I actually need to *start* working - I will soon!

With Christmas now passed it means 2012 is not far away. 2011 has been an interesting year, lots of things have happened - good and bad, I'd like to look on, to 2012, and say it's going to be an amazing year but I'm not going to; all being well there'll be some big moments for me, it will be an important year, hopefully drama free! But for once, I think I'll just take each day as it come's and try and make every day a good one. I mean, It's not as if Big Ben striking 12 will change anything (other than necessitating a new calendar!). None the less I wish everyone a happy new year! (although I expect I shall be blogging again this week).

Right, work...time to try and learn a few things about macrocycles before I inevitably get distracted by Zelda...

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