Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Just a quick one today as I *really* need to do some work!

Hand therapy this morning took the expected course. Everything's moving vaguely as it should, my scar is healing nicely and my grip strength is now up to 24 (my right hand is 30 so being left handed it should at least match that when I'm fully fixed!). It has therefore been decided that there's not much more they can do for me, I have to keep up the scar massaging until it stops changing and continue with my exercises independently as there's still a lot of room for improvement strength and dexterity wise. So that's it - they don't want to see me again! I can apparently be referred back to them if there's any remaining problems when I next see my consultant (April).

I still don't feel particularly fixed - my typing is still rather inaccurate, and I'm generally struggling with anything that requires dexterity, not to mention the fact it still gets pretty painful - but hopefully that'll fix with the exercises, and I start new physio next month so that might help too.

No one can explain the lack of feeling and pins and needles in my thumb though. Wasn't there before surgery and doesn't seem to be getting any better. Not that it really stops me doing anything, it's just annoying. If anyone has any suggestions I'd love to hear them! (no really I would!)

This does mean however, that I am on target for getting back on the bike soon - it's just a matter of how much I'm prepared for it to hurt while I'm doing it - bring on the trails!

OK, back to work...still on oxygen transport proteins!

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