Thursday, February 10, 2011


I'm need of some procrastination so a perfect time to update I think!

Things have moved very fast with regards to the house, 5 is becoming 4. The dispute is far from being resolved, and his in fact escalated quite considerably so he's, in essence, being forced out. He'll moving in somewhere new over the weekend. He'll be missed by me at least!

My other housemates have placed an ad on the local student housing website looking for someone new to pay the rent. I'm not optimistic that we'll find someone suitable, but it doesn't bother me too much because I didn't want to make him leave, so I'm not going to pay any extra to cover his rent etc. Not my problem. Tee hee.

Despite my sudden urge to stop working for a while, I have, by and large got my work ethic back. we have an assessed tutorial for organic chemistry due in on Wednesday, but before I start that I'm going through all my notes from the lectures thus far and writing them up and making sure that I really understand everything this time. Going to do the same for the other modules once this coursework is out of the way. The other coursework on the go at the moment is literature and communication skills. Part 1 (worth a massive 60% of the module) is finished (early!), and is looking awesome, even if I do say so myself! Part 2 (worth 20%) is a poster and 5 minute presentation. The poster is to be done in pairs, and then the presentations solo. We're aiming to have the poster done by Tuesday so we can prepare for the trauma of a presentation (without prompt cards or anything!).

Yesterday, for the first time in months, I played quidditch (its glorified netball really, because we haven't yet mastered the flying brooms and magical balls!), it was great fun but I ached this morning! 30 miles on the bike, complete with interval training, left me a bit sore...but nothing like this. Even now, my legs are hurting, and my back and shoulders are somewhat painful when I move, but its worth it!

Plan for the weekend is a training ride on Saturday (hopefully nothing to stressful), and then my last walk with ramsoc as a mere grade 1 trained member on Sunday (grade 2 training is next Wednesday and Saturday - yay!)

OK, back to the Aldol reaction I go...

Auf wiedersehen!

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