Sunday, February 6, 2011


OK, I'm having a slow day and with my 20th birthday fast approaching (well, its less than 5 months away now!) I've compiled a list of the 10 things that I want to do before I'm 25. Some of these are hopefully achievable sooner rather than later, others are slightly more long term goals - although 5 years isn't a hugely long time!

1. Meet my Mr. Right: OK, perhaps a bit of a cliche, but I'd like to think that by age 25 I've met that special someone, and am at least getting close to settling down a bit with them. If you are tall, dark and handsome....get in touch! No I don't mean "requirements" are somewhat less superficial than that.

2. Get a piano (or keyboard!) and learn to play properly this time: I had keyboard lessons, rather than piano lessons when I was about 13 or 14 and I really enjoyed it, I wish I'd carried on, hopefully when I get some space (and some money) I can at least start to learn again in the next few years.

3. Stand inside the Arctic Circle: A bit random I know, but I want to see places and I'm a fan of the cold rather than the heat. I was going to put go the the poles, but I think this is more achievable.

4. Visit somewhere on the other side of the equator: Again, I want to see the world. Not sure where I want to go, but to see somewhere far from here, and very different would be nice.

5. Climb the highest 10 “mountains” in England, Scotland and Wales: This links in to seeing places, but also my love of hill walking. Out of these 30 "mountains" (I'm not sure how many can be classified as a mountain) I've done 1, Snowdon. Hopefully I can knock a fair few of these off over the summer. I shan't give you all of them but it includes Ben Nevis, Tryfan, Scafell Pike and Skiddaw

6. Achieve a podium in a cycling race: This one is hopefully achievable this year, well it will be if I get out and get some training in instead of slacking! Think it'd be nice for my first season with Inverse RT to get a podium, even if its not in a national, BC affiliated event.

7. Get a photo I’ve taken published in a magazine / online: I'm quite into photography, I don't have a dSLR but I do have a bridge camera, so I'm almost kitted out! It takes good enough photos for me, hopefully with all this travelling I'll be able to get that perfect shot, good enough for publication somewhere!

8. Skydive or bungee jump (or both!): Call me crazy, but I want to throw myself out of a plane (strapped to someone of course), finances permitting this is another one that I might manage nearer the summer as the university has its only sky diving club (although its remarkably expensive to just do a tandem dive!) Bungee jumping, I don't just want to do this off a crane or something, I want to do it somewhere amazing, so can fit it in with my seeing the world if I'm lucky!

9. Learn to snowboard: I was taken for 1 snowboarding lesson, I couldn't walk afterwards because my legs ached so much, and I was a bit rubbish, but I loved it (and did manage to get down the slope without falling over!) and hopefully I can get in a few more lessons and get to the stage where they let me go it alone! I might get onto organising that actually...

10. OK, this isn't on the same level as the others but hey, it needs deciding - Organic, Physical or Inorganic? My tutor seemed quite surprised the other day when I said that I probably liked them all equally at the moment!

11. Take a photo every day for a year: Yeah, the last one doesn't count. I'm not sure when I'll start this, but when I do I shall definitely post them up here. Its a challenge I've seen quite a few people do and I just think it'll be fun (even if it will be hard to be inspired every day!)

So that’s it, my list. I will, of course, update you as to when I manage to tick them off the list.

Anyone else have a list of things to do before 25? (or before any age really?)

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