Thursday, February 17, 2011


Good news - my legs have recovered!
Unfortunately, due to my uni timetable and the influx of coursework my only riding since has been the usual "how fast can I ride to campus and back?".
No training ride saturday either. A very long day on the hill in the peaks (no bikes allowed though..).

We're being picked up at 9 in the morning, and then will be on the hill until after dark in order to make sure we can navigate in many different situations. This is grade 2 training for ramsoc and, after a couple of assessed walks, will allow me to lead some Sunday walks. Going to be a long and tiring day (especially as the forecast is currently wet, windy, cold and maybe even snowy!) but should definitely be well worth it!

As far as the housemate situation goes, the so called "problem" housemate has now moved out. A couple of trips in my car (which really struggled!) and that was almost all his stuff gone. I'm told he's settled in well. And, to fill his space, we had a PhD student look around yesterday, I wasn't in, but apparently she is very nice. Only problem is she has a car, and we have reached our limit on parking permits...and I am not keen on giving up my permit (especially with all my races and stuff coming up next month, and labs will have started so I won't finish uni until 5....the car is going to be very useful!).

Also have "coursework D-day" coming up - tomorrow is presentation day, thankfully, despite what many have told us, we are allowed to have notes (although must be careful to ensure that we don't rely on them and still make lots of eye contact etc.) As of yesterday, my speech is finished, just about got the full 5 minutes, just got to practise lots to make sure I can get all the words out in a reasonably logical way, and sort out my breathing (I've practised a few times and my breathing goes to pot...). We also need to finish the poster which will be up in the background. Its looking good so far, just needs a bit of tweaking, and maybe some more pictures if we can fit them on!

Final topic for the day (not long 'til I have to leave for uni) is dreaming. I'd really like to know where dreams come from. I had a dream last night, which I shan't go into because it is not for the faint-hearted, but I woke up and felt physically ill after what I had just witnessed - how does something like that get into my head?! The previous night is perhaps easier to see where it came from, as that was a work related dream...but one of those dreams where events are logical and kind of make sense, but then different places and times get mixed up (e.g. I was getting uni results, but then was talking to people about it in my old school form room with friends from school!), but that was definitely preferable to last nights dream!


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