Thursday, February 24, 2011


I've been busy again, well almost!

Sunday was cinema day, went to see Gnomeo and Juliet in the end. It was very good, although will have to get it on DVD and watch again to make sure I get all the shakespeare references!

I then decided to go home after lectures on Monday (as I was free from 1on Monday until 11 on Wednesday), I really enjoyed the being back (and just over a week until I'm home again - yay!). Its not that I overly miss home anymore, but its nice to not be here for a while...even though I have some great housemates (and one not so great..), I'm not enjoying a shared house as much as I thought I would. Here for 1 more year and then perhaps I can look into renting (or maybe even buying) a "proper" house or flat for my 4th year, and PhD if I do one...

After dropping my mum off at the hairdressers and visiting the grandparents I took my brother to the cinema, well, we didn't actually make it in because they had signs up everywhere saying no ID no entry to Paul (which is a 15), and my brother being 14 therefore had no chance! We went bowling instead which was great fun, we had to wait a little while before we could get a lane (lots of small children were bowling!) so we had a came of pool (I lost!) and then a couple of goes on the grabber (he won a spongebob soft toy on his first go!). The 3 games of bowling, I won the first one..and got the only strike of our visit! Lost the other 2 (although they were close!), bowling is definitely not my strong point!

I've been really lazy and haven't done much riding, will have to try and get out tomorrow or saturday. Got soaked cycling home yesterday, and really muddy thanks to our lovely clean roads...
I do have a new frame though, I ordered it on Tuesday night (they had a sale on small people frames!), and it arrived this morning. I think I might be in love... Its an annodized black on one scandal. Will try to get some pictures at some point. Its going to be an ongoing project as I want to build it up to be really lightweight. Currently trying to decide on a colour scheme. I'm tempted to go with a few blue bits, but I already have 2 blue bikes! Other big contender is red, also thought as its black, I could get some tasteful silver bits...or just make everything black...but that would be boring. Any opinions?

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