Friday, February 18, 2011


Riding update: Again, no real training to speak of but I got a bit too involved in commuter racing today! Someone overtook me on my way in this morning (going downhill on a road bike, and I was on my ss xc bike!), but I overtook them going up hill...only to be again overtaken when she jumped a red light, but...justice was done and I overtook her, and left her way behind after that. Following someone on the way back as well, couldn't overtake because he was weaving all over the place, but I didn't let him get away (even when he also felt the need to jump a red light!). Definitely feel like I'm getting quicker, over short distances at least.

Uni update: Presentation was this afternoon. The adrenaline definitely kicked in, there was free cake for us, and I couldn't eat any until I was done because I was so nervous, and I got cold fingers too (which I put down to adrenaline diverting blood to the core, although a biologist will probably correct me on that!). It actually went really well, Got a few bits mixed up, and didn't stick entirely to my scripted speech (although thats probably a good thing). The academic in charge was also just about to stop me for the 5 minute limit when I finished, so I'd paced myself perfectly (yes, even if I do say so myself); despite the opening nerves, pointing stick and notes in hand I actually felt quite good. There is still hope for me to become a lecturer then!

Also, saw our quantum chemistry lecturer today, he has been in and out over the last few months with some sort of illness. It was nice to see that he was well enough to be at work again (although he was still looking ill). He's a nice guy, and, despite what many people say, I found him to be a great lecturer - couldn't have got 64% in the module without him - so hope he makes a speedy recovery!

Its peak district day tomorrow, bought some dry bags in preparation so everything in my rucksack will stay dry. Assuming we make it off Kinder Scout alive (pretty sure we will because Graham will be there and he is the ramsoc God!), I shall update at some point on Sunday as to how it went (assuming I can get out of bed!).


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