Saturday, February 5, 2011


OK and the results are in!
Quantum chemistry and Spectroscopy: 66%. Not far off a first, very happy with that as I came out of the exam thinking I'd just about got about 50%! Looks like making the answers that I was sure about much more thorough than they needed to be paid off!
Atmospheric chemistry: 70%. OK, its a first so I can't complain, but I'm slightly disappointed with this one as I'd put a lot of work into this and came out feeling confident (expecting at least 80% if I'm honest!)
My tutor is very happy with the 68% average, although that counts for just 1/6 of my marks this year (and about 1/25 of the overall degree!)

Had another exam on Friday, this was the general inorganic one, a few questions threw me, on account of having no idea what sort of things my come up, but overall I'm happy with how it went (I almost enjoyed it!).

The house is now signed for so definitely staying where I am for 3rd year although not sure how well we'll be getting on with each other! War seems to have broken out, I'm trying to stay unbiased in it as it doesn't directly involve me but its difficult and I'm definitely edging one way (with is towards the side no one else is taking!). There is already talk of people having to move out over this, which I find difficult to comprehend as its all started over nothing but hopefully everything will get sorted out.

Now things have calmed down a bit and I'm not manically busy I've got time to talk about a few other things. With the situation as it is at the moment, its difficult to avoid mentioning the Egyptian, as a typical student I don't keep up a lot with the news so I most certainly don't know the ins and outs of whats happening there at the moment. That said, my admiration goes to the people of Egypt. The majority are peacefully protesting and standing up for what they believe in (unfortunately being ruined by violence from the minority). I (or anybody) am unable to predict what the outcome will be, but whether the president stays or goes one thing is for sure - change is going to happen. And they deserve it.

An update on my riding as well. I've been shot down by another sinus infection, I've had to miss a proper training ride today (although probably for the best with the wind and rain!), although the last 2 days I managed some speedy riding between here and campus so I'm always working on it. I've decided not to enter my first road race, which could have been in just 2 weeks; but I have got potentially 2 cross country races next month...going to be a test of my fitness and skill but should be good fun to get back into it and get my first race under the belt for Inverse RT. I have some sort of lecture or meeting every day this week so I'm aiming to ride to uni at least 4 out of the 5 days - my ride to uni is only about a mile so its not going to get me race ready, but I'm chipping time off every day so I'm sure it'll help me with sprinting and stuff - especially when I get pulled in to commuter racing (and trying to race the cars and buses!). Hopefully will have time to do a longer ride this week (although also wanting to get back to quidditch practice on my only free afternoon...pretty sure, although not riding, will definitely help with my fitness as it is very hard work!)


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