Sunday, February 27, 2011


Very positive blog today, my life has direction!

Having being showing many people this video about making plasma from a grape, I was asked by a non-chemist friend (who did chemistry up to GCSE) what plasma is, this resulted in a discussion of what makes a molecule a molecule and an atom an atom. She apologised for asking obvious questions, but I didn't mind in fact I enjoyed imparting knowledge to someone, this has confirmed to me that teaching is where I should go (be that in a secondary school, or at a university).

Today has further confirmed that! I had a lovely walk with ramsoc, rather than having my first assessed walk, I let a friend be assessed while I was given a map and was a kind of secondary leader, just helping with the navigation, and being tested on where we were. Apart from an initial foul up, where I hadn't been told the route, and then struggled to work out where we were, all was good and I kept us pinpointed on the map!

Although I wasn't the official leader, the fact I had a map meant I looked like one, this meant people, who wouldn't normally, were speaking to me and asking questions because I ought to know what is going on; and again, I really enjoyed myself. Ramsoc, over the last 18 months, has really helped me out, my confidence with new people has increased so much! So much in fact that I'm going to stand for committee next year if I can get a proposer and seconder so some good times ahead I think!

Having got back from the walk I had very muddy shoes and trousers, even my bag didn't escape, although I'm not sure how I'm going to wash that! Will brush most of the mud off when its dry...going to get a proper rucksack for walking though, my current one is not ideal and if I'm going to be leading I need to be able to carry more stuff - just another thing I need to spend money on!

Labs start again tomorrow, so 5 weeks in the physical labs. I found the prelab calculations pretty tough, but having read through the actual experiment it should, touch wood, be a relatively easy and pain free afternoon tomorrow! A nice way to ease back into labs and not having afternoons off anymore! Luckily, its a workshop week for our phys chem module, which means we get an extra hour off tomorrow and don't start 'til 11 so at least my day has been shortened a bit!

So yeah, I'm a pretty happy bunny at the moment. I'm up to date with work, I have a shiny bike frame in my room with various plans for building it, and I vaguely know what I want to do after uni!

Good times!

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