Saturday, February 12, 2011


The nice relaxing ride turned into about 35 miles in the peaks. I was feeling it then, and I'm feeling it now- owww, that was hard work! But it was worth it because I met up with some other people on the team, and I'm definitely satisfied with my efforts!

Within a few miles I realised I was going to struggle, I had under estimated how long some of the climbs were, as it was just a ride in the "gentle" white peaks. By then end every climb was a struggle, my speed slowed down to 6 or 7 mph at some points and it took all my efforts just to keep the pedals turning and not get off and walk. Couldn't have done it without the help and support of everyone there though so thanks guys!

Considering the current state of my legs, the terrible forecast and my mountain of work I've decided not to go to Eyam with ramsoc tomorrow. I'll have a bit of a lie-in and then hopefully make some progress with coursework.

I spent about 7 hours on the organic assessed tutorial yesterday (finished uni at 1), and made it about 45% of the way through - and it looks like it gets even harder! I'm yet to start the poster /presentation start for the communication module. I think between us we're aiming to get the poster done by Tuesday. That's a job for tomorrow afternoon I think (my team mate is also a housemate and he quite frequently doesn't stir until 3 or 4 in the afternoon!). Have monday afternoon and most of Tuesday for work to so I'm hoping to get on top of it all (need to get back on top of going through notes and making sure everything actually makes sense too!)

But, for these evening, I think maybe a bit of tutorial work, but just going to chill with some good TV!

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