Sunday, January 1, 2012

1/1/12 - It all starts here!

I hope everyone brought in the new year safely and happily!

I've decided that throughout 2012 I'm going to keep a proper record of my riding (distance, times etc.) so that I can keep track of my mileage and really, just so I can see how much riding I actually do.

I expect it's going to get off to a slow start given that proper riding is still proving difficult, but it should be interesting to see how it progresses.

I'm also going to start the much talked about 1 photo a day challenge; I can't promise that I'll keep it up for long but I'll do my best. On riding days I expect the picture(s) will be related to my ride!

So today. Thought I should start as I mean to go on so got out this morning for a 10 mile road ride. I was struggling with my arm after just 2 miles but I didn't want to give up so I kept on going, despite a stronger (and colder!) than expected wind. It was really great to see lots of cyclists out, all looking almost happy! Quite a lot of runners too - just like to thank the guy who was running as fast as I was riding on one hill for not laughing at my incapableness! Should probably thank the guy that never caught me up too - it's amazing how race mode takes over when you think you're going to get caught - got me through the last couple of miles (up hill and into a headwind) in a much quicker time than I'd have managed otherwise. Was out for 45 minutes, and that included a couple of stops for picture taking :P

Despite arm issues and general lack of riding my legs were feeling good today, so a positive start to 2012! Here's the pictures...
This is not a brilliant picture of me, although considerably better than the other one I took, think I need to work on takeing pictures whilst riding (without pulling stupid faces...)

Aaaaaaand a couple of obligatory bike + nice scenery pictures. Yes, I know if I'm *only* riding 10 miles I probably shouldn't stop to take pictures but then where would the fun be?

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