Friday, October 19, 2012


These guys aren't going anywhere in a hurry are they? They're happy to stand, and watch, and wait. OK, OK, I know they're made of wood so they don't have a lot of choice!

What happens when we have to wait though? We have to do it all the time, sometimes just a few minutes whilst waiting for a friend to turn up perhaps; but often it can be longer, waiting to hear a decision about a job maybe. Whatever the scenario by waiting, you're in a kind of limbo aren't you? You're waiting for someone to make a decision, or something to happen and it's out of your control.  But what can you do while your waiting? If you're simply waiting for a friend it's normally a matter of killing a short amount of time, until they show up.  Nothing major. Being kept in the lurch waiting to hear about a job offer would be far more inconvenient though (not that I am waiting to hear about a job by the way!), you suddenly lose the ability to plan ahead. You don't know what you're going to be doing in a week or a month, where you might be so you just have to keep waiting.  Going through the motions of life until enough time has passed that you've heard your news, unable to do anything but make lots of hypothetical choices.

It's human nature to want to be in control to some extent or another, some people will need more control than others but I guess it's there in everyone. At the same time it's part of life to have to wait for things and how a person deals with this waiting probably says a lot about a person.

Sorry - this was one of those no idea where it's going 'til it gets there posts!

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