Monday, October 1, 2012


New month, new start?

Or not.

Today's grumbles started earlier.  Not even a tin full of deliciousness could help.

From where I'm sitting there are a number of issues, the first is that having nothing to do at the moment.  This has led to entirely too much time with just myself for company (already!) and I suspect this is a big contributing factor to the other 2 big problems.

1) I don't think I can do it.  This was something I tweeted last night, leaving "it" undefined.  Having given it some thought there are many "it"s.  Some are very trivial, some are much bigger in magnitude.  All are hurdles, I can either fight and get over them, or turn and take a different path - but that path will probably have hurdle too. So then what? 

2) Ouch. Something's been added into the mix of post-surgery pain.  Something unpleasantly familiar.  The same thing that led to the surgery in fact. I shall try and retain optimism but if it really is still there then, well...I go back to point 1.


I'll get past this at some point, I know I'm being silly so I just hope it is soon!

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