Saturday, October 20, 2012


What a lovely autumnal day it's been...

Unfortunately my head doesn't replicate the serenity of today's weather.  I've been relatively content, as  I have been for the last couple of days too (which is always nice) but there has been a lot of to-ing and fro-ing going on as well! On the whole it comes down to the waiting that I was talking about yesterday, I'm growing more and more inpatient over several things - my lack of knowledge one way or another is making it impractical (I was going to say impossible) to decide the various things that I've been pondering, I can only get as far as "if x happens then I'll do this and if y happens I'll do that".

The fact I'm waiting means I'm over-thinking too. I'm looking for reasons as to why I would have doubts about certain decisions, why I do or don't want certain things to happen. I'm convinced my brain enjoys tying itself in knots! I know that it's futile and that I just have to carry on waiting. I shall just have to eat more ice cream to distract myself!

Good thing I'm at work tomorrow.  I need something to do!

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