Monday, October 8, 2012


So...GP surgeries...?

After a walk in the drizzle to get there, you're greeted by a queue out the door to check in.  When you finally get in you wish you were outside.  Stifling heat, people at various stages of "old" chatting loudly - the biggest news topic being "ooh, well there's that new Christian doctor" (who isn't new!), small children making noise with books that make zoo animal sounds and the poor staff being so behind by 10am that there are no seats left. If you weren't ill when you got there you will be by the time you get out...

There was also a random pair of wellies by the door (village life, eh?) and a poor abandoned purple teddy looking for his owner.

After waiting for nearly half an hour I was called in.  There was more chit-chat than I'd like, but the de-stitching was fine...I could definitely have done that myself.  Just a bit of a pull and it was good.

I rang the hospital too, still no sign of my letter(s).  It would appear that without telling me, rather than seeing me next week, I can wait until the middle of next month (7 weeks post-op).  Not sure I like that, I should probably look at it from the other side and take it to mean there's no cause for worry, but I quite like being told everything is going to be OK...

The other letter I didn't get apparently contains my recovery instructions, including the getting stitches out in 10-12 days (hmmm), and apparently the fact I'm now allowed to carry out some gentle elbow exercises (as far as pain allows).  Good thing I phoned them really!

It turns out that my elbow doesn't really like moving that much, and that I have too much time on my hands to play with iPhone photography apps!

Oh yes, go me!

Yeeeaaaah...too much time...

I shall have to make more of an effort to learn stuff, I'm not sure I'm retaining much, at present anything new in my head has to be good though.  Just 1 less thing to try and learn at med school (if I get in!).  Might even go back to work at the weekend, what's the worst that can happen? 

I've only got one and a half seasons of Scrubs work = no new box sets! Uh-oh!

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