Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Today is proving to be much more successful. Not that it would take much to beat yesterday!

Despite the fact I had to get the bus, I spent a few hours in town with the grandparents.  Whilst it was highly frustrating having to sit and watch someone cut up my food it was still yummy.  As was my cappuccino...

On the suggestion of a well respected (by me anyway) twitterer, I visited the "big" library whilst I was in town to borrow an audiobook.  I picked a book I was going to read anyway, and it'll take 13 hours to listen to it so should keep me occupied for a while, if I can stay awake!

Upon returning from town I was feeling really quite depleted, and rather sore.  Although not much - the few hours out felt like a lot of effort! Needed a bit of a lie down...

No extra painkillers though, I'm determined that if surgery has fixed me I ought to be able to cut them right down.  I'm already starting to regret that choice, but you have to try to see what it's like, right?  I'm still not sure if some of the pain I'm currently feeling is the same as pre-op, I really hope it isn't, but it'll be a while before I find out for sure. Just have to try and be vaguely disciplined and not do too much too soon - can't afford to jeopardise it!

Hopefully this current burst of non-grumpiness (wouldn't want to use too strong a positive adjective!) lasts.  Nothing on the agenda for tomorrow so who knows!  I'm running out of Family Guy too, things might get a bit hairy after that!

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