Thursday, October 4, 2012


At lunchtime today I was ready to declare today a non-day with nothing achieved but actually it's been alright.  This is more of a surprise given that last night I had an epic reflex catch moment, this would have been OK had the thing I caught not been relatively heavy and the fact I caught it in my recovering arm!  That was an unpleasant experience, I was a bit worried that I'd undone any good work but it settled down and now just feels like it did a couple of days ago.

So, what have I achieved today?
I've watched almost an entire season of Scrubs. It's better for spending a long time watching than Family Guy!  Seems to be good at teaching life lessons, and whilst there isn't much medicine in it, it seems to be good a mojo returning.

I've also managed to get my elbow almost straight today, not quite, and it doesn't like bending much, but hey - it's progress. Perhaps my biggest achievement is that I've not had any painkillers today and I'm not a gibbering wreck. It's definitely sore, but manageable (although will probably have something before bed), but that's still good, right?

Went outside too.  Dog walking.  Well mainly following other people walking dogs.

Right.  I'm going back to watching Scrubs.  Fingers crossed my contentedness will last!

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