Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Despite muchos messing up by HR, meaning that I couldn't log onto computers in the hospital or officially access the data I needed today was my first day of volunteering doing data entry for the National Paediatric Diabetes Audit.  There certainly isn't a lot to be fun had doing data entry, but it was still quite interesting (for today at least) as there's a certain amount of looking through records involved to get the required information, this means I can get a brief look at the care path and progress of various children from diagnosis to present day.  Suspect there's only so many times that that might be interesting to look at but I'm apparently ahead of schedule (and it's only my first day doing it!), so shouldn't take as long as expected to get all the data compiled.

I also spoke to the lead in the audit department who is trying to get me a copy of the report produced after the audit I previously helped with, it would appear that some good has come from it so I'm really looking forward to seeing the details!

My view walking in to the hospital this morning...

Despite starting on something relatively positive I'm afraid the rest of this post may turn into a bit of a whinge (I'm not entirely sure where this is going yet!), so feel free to skip the rest!

The whole "finished university" thing is starting to kick in now I think, I know I'm going back again in just over a year (well if I get in anyway), but this is the first time since being a toddler that I've not been in education and I'm not sure I like it!

Finding a "proper" job is proving difficult, although expected this is frustrating.  I'm sure I could apply to more things, but it's difficult because I need something that I can do for a year and then easily leave, but ideally close enough to where I live that I can stay living with my parents (to save money!), and with my arm surgery pending (*grumble grumble sore arm* *grumble grumble no date for surgery yet*) I'm a bit reluctant about applying for certain things because should I get a job I don't want to mess my potential employers about with time off and inability to work early on!

Seen as I've finished uni I don't really have a short term focus to keep me occupied, my application for med school is almost finished (and the deadline for that isn't until mid-October!).  Cycling would previously have filled the hole, and although trying hard to get some good times over short distances (<5 miles) is hard work it's not enough.  Nor is vaguely trying to teach myself anatomy.  So if anyone has any suggestions of things to keep me going I'd greatly appreciate it!

Currently just about managing by reading vast amounts (definitely a need to keep my brain active, or at least distracted from "self-destruct mode"!), the pile of books which had been building up is now being chipped away at, but I fear there is little to "gain" from this, apart from maybe a blurring of the line between reality and fiction!

I did warn you that it might get a "little" whingey.  Back to the slightly more positives, today's ride was awfully slow on the hill on the way back but I did set a fastest time on the way out, getting a 20 mph+ average for the 1.3 miles of by pass...still need to get it faster though!

2012 cycling: 82.36 miles

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