Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Bike themed post tonight, many milestones!

First off - this is my best 12x100 month so far, have just gone past 50 miles this month!!  And in doing so have gone past 100 in total for the year.

To do this I went out for a proper ride.  16.6 miles in just over an hour.  So chuffed.  Legs didn't even grumble!

And what a perfect evening for it too.

Arm did alright on the ride although is pretty sore now so suspect I have over done it a tad.  Worth every minute though!  Was a really lovely ride, a great way to chill after a few reasonably stressful days, much needed with some more to come too!  Lots of other people out on bikes too which is always good to see! 

2012 cycling: 114.42 miles

That's enough from me tonight anyway!

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