Tuesday, July 31, 2012


I want to write a post about what a bad day I've had today.  But nothing particularly bad has happened so I'm not entirely sure what's going on.

By mid-afternoon I was feeling a bit like I'd lost the plot, coffee and cake left me singing along to myself, not to mention talking to the kettle.

The last couple of hours proved more difficult, what should have been a simple task took me entirely too long (there were a couple of interruptions, but not as many as to slow it down that much!), the simple matter of putting the right sticker on the right pair of gloves.

Got home late.  Walked dog (only took 1, the other one's alright cos he's been in the garden and he doesn't need so much exercise).  Got home and sat in the garden trying to cuddle dogs.  Feel a bit guilty because the pair of them are craving attention at the moment, poor things are used to more people at home!  It rained and I couldn't bring myself to get up.

Finally managed to get inside and feed the dogs before promptly collapsing on the sofa.  Got a tad tearful which is really quite pathetic.  But my arm hurts, and so does my brain.  Have since gone to the extravagance of making toast so feeling *slightly* better now.  Realised just how much I'm missing someone.  Not family, I'm used to not seeing them thanks to uni, but there's someone who I know would have happily come and sat by my side this evening and looked after me, but alas...I made a choice so I have to deal with the consequences! 

Plans for the rest of the evening involve a bath if I can make it up the stairs, some more dog cuddling and them copious painkillers before I go to bed!

Sorry I'll stop aimlessly whinging now.  Well not quite yet, I have an uninteresting anecdote to tell first!  Whilst walking the dog I bumped into one of my primary school teachers, and mother of someone I was at school with (they live in the village), was a tad awkward 'cos I haven't spoken to them for a long time, but my broken brain-ness made sustaining a conversation very difficult.  I just couldn't process words fast enough!

Told you it was uninteresting.  Here's a picture of a dog.

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