Sunday, July 29, 2012


Really can't wait until I get a letter with a surgery date.  Either my pain threshold is lowering or I'm feeling the effects of over doing it.  Either way it hurts.  Just wish there was something I could do about it :-(

Parents and brother going on holiday from tomorrow so I get 10 days of peace and quiet.  Well I say peace and quiet.  A fair few extra days at work for me.  And I have the 2 dogs to look after.  Not to mention 2 sets of worrying grand parents within a 10 mile radius! 

Part of me wishes I was going with them, I feel (and have felt for the last few weeks!) like a holiday would go down pretty well.  But, at the same time I suspect I'd end up being grumpy (I did last year although that wasn't my fault really...going on holiday a couple of days after surgery was a bad plan!) and I think I might have some fun home on my own with the dogs anyway :-)

I wonder how much ice cream I can eat in 10 days...

In other news.  Looks a bit stormy out.

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