Friday, July 27, 2012


So I rode my bike the other day and it was OK, my arm was sore afterwards but I really enjoyed the ride so it was worth it.  Perhaps against my better judgement I decided to go out again today, having been grumbly yesterday I thought it might help! 

I had a similar route planned to before, just a couple of variations to keep it interesting.  The first couple of miles were difficult, but they were the other day too so I wasn't too bothered, I then (as with t'other day) turned off onto the "road to no where", really.  It seems to go on and on, and runs parallel to a dual carriageway for a big chunk.  Arm was starting to give me grief down here so I turned off rather than continuing on the planned route, it did nothing but get worse over the next couple of miles so I decided to go for the most direct route home I could find.  Well almost - saw this road which looked to be pointing in the direction of where I wanted to go (and thankfully it was), and pedaled my way along!

There was entirely too much under-the-breath cursing going on so I decided to push on hard, get my legs working hard in an attempt to distract myself from my arm!  This means most of this road was done at over 20 mph, and quite a chunk at almost 30 (I had a car behind me so thought I'd speed up some more!) .

This new found speed meant it wasn't too long 'til I made it home.  A nice cool refreshing glass of recovering drink and various drugs later and here I am.

Moral of the story?  Riding bikes is fun but it's stupid to do too much too soon!

May reacquaint myself with the garden and a book now.  When I've sorted my room out anyway.

2012 cycling: 127.81 miles

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  1. Miss Becky - Please try and be sensible, or you'll do yourself a nuisance!