Friday, July 20, 2012


*dons comical Yorkshire accent*, it's been a funny sort of day...  (only a select few people will get that reference!)

Given that yesterday ended on a rather stressful note, and this morning I was waking up with the results of a decision that I'd made (yes, shock horror, I did deciding) I was unsure what to expect from today, but I had a nice meal out with my brother and grandparents.  Came home and cooked dinner (ready for heating up at the appropriate time) and made some cakes for work.

Once all that was done, well while the cakes were cooking really, I had a belated surgery panic.  Having now found out a bit more about what my planned surgery involves, and knowing that there's a significant chance of it making no positive difference I was almost having second thoughts...  Given that I don't even have a date yet I suspect there will be much pondering, but unless things start to get better on their own I'll be in receipt of plentiful reminders from my arm that I need to try something!  That said, currently testing out kinesiology tape.  Have some left over from when the physiotherapist was convinced my pain was due to my hand pointing in the wrong direction so thought I may as well test it, if it helps that's great, and if it doesn't there's nothing lost!

Have also got going again with my attempts at learning anatomy today, well not necessarily learning, but I think it would be good to be familiar with stuff so that I'll have seen it before I get officially taught it.  If I get into med school that is!

Having done the basics of the limbs (just the bones 'cos everything else looks too complicated at the moment!) I've moved on to the head...

Definitely not going to remember all that, but it's almost fun to do and it's something else which probably won't do any harm!

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