Monday, July 30, 2012


So that's it then.  Parents and brother were dropped off this morning so now I'm fending for myself!

Getting the dogs fed and walked after a long day at work proved challenging.  So nice to be finally sitting down with a cup of tea.  Especially after the torrential down pour I got caught in earlier.

Think the dogs are just starting to realise something odd is going on.  Dobby has "abandonment issues" so I expect he''ll want some extra cuddling later.  Fine with me though! :)

Nothing much else to report at the moment.  'Cept that I spoke to the hospital this morning (to tell them about GP change) and discovered I'm on the "urgent list" for surgery.  That was reassuring or all of 3 seconds, then she said that means I'll probably be seen sometime in September...  very glad I'm not a "non-urgent" case then!

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