Sunday, September 30, 2012


On the whole, today has been alright.  'Cept now I'm starting to get tired and the elbow is getting sore I'm getting grumpier again.

I kept the sling on while I was out, as it seemed like a long time to leave my poor arm hanging there, but have made an effort whilst at home.  It doesn't want to move very far and the weight of a fork (as in knife and...) is too much. Just a tad frustrating...

Changed the dressing this morning too. Steri-strip things in the way but at least I now have an idea what the scar might look like.  Can't wait to be de-stitched a week tomorrow (assuming I can get an appointment...). 

I realise that this is at a rather odd angle!

I'm allowed to be a little bit grumbly when my arm looks like that, right?

Sorry, I'm sure I'll stop feeling sorry for myself soon, just a bit "mojoless" I guess. Was going to turn to studying (not that I've got much to study) in an attempt to get myself going again but that probably requires writing to be successful so promptly gave up on the idea.

Not sure even ice cream will get me out of this one.  Sure I'll be fine in the morning though...

I've said sure too many times.  I'll stop talking now.

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