Wednesday, August 1, 2012


You'll be please to hear I'm feeling better today.  Thought I would be after a good night's sleep.  Most of the day has been spent collapsed on the sofa with various bits of the Olympics on.

Had some wonderful company for a good chunk of the morning too...

After much snoozing, and having just watched the women's TT I decided to go out on my bike.  Opted to do the old time trial loop, but seen as I had to get to and from the start it was a 17 mile ride in the end.  Kept a reasonable average throughout, somewhere between 16 and 17 mph depending on whether I go with Strava or my speedometer (I really want a Garmin!).  Was pretty chuffed because I felt like I was crawling along at times, it was difficult to even turn the pedals let alone at any speed when I was going up a hill, or even along the flat, with a headwind!

Glad I got out though.  Shan't make the same mistake as last week and go out again too soon and too hard and break myself more!

Not at work again tomorrow but have a busy day anyway, so very happy I've had a slow day today!  Bit nervous about GP appointment in the morning, finally got round to making one today.  Having had to change doctors from the one I like in Nottingham I was already a bit apprehensive about getting a new one but I'd done a bit of "research" and picked one that I thought I'd like, and tried to make an appointment to see him.  He has no appointments for the next couple of weeks (clearly popular) so seeing someone else tomorrow.  Whoever it is isn't even listed on the website, so I'm assuming they're a locum.  This worries me slightly because I now know nothing about them.  I'm sure it'll be fine, but I'm still panicking.  I don't like change!  For someone that wants to be a doctor I sure do worry about going to see one...

Anyway I've waffled on enough.  I need to pay more attention to the swimming.

2012 cycling: 144.81 miles

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