Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Went for a run this morning.  Decided I'm not going for any more runs until I'm mended and have the means to dedicate myself to actual training.  I'm too competitive to enjoy my current level of running, which is slow and making no progress!

2012 running: 43.84 km

Back to "plan A" today.  Keeping myself occupied and therefore keeping happy.  Today has mainly been filled with med school application-ness.  I'm so nearly done.  The Cambridge stuff is all done, and my UCAS statement just needs to get a bit shorter and then I can send that off and be an official medical school applicant.  After that it's lots of waiting and hoping!

Still doing crazy person panicking though (15 days to go!). Something tells me it's probably not going to stop until it's over.

This is a segment of today's running route: (not my "usual" route!)

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