Saturday, September 1, 2012


I'm not going to go on too much tonight 'cos I'm hurting a bit and it's making typing quite difficult!

Strange day at work.  It was really quite busy at times, which is fine with me 'cos it makes the day go faster.  It got a bit frustrating though, I appreciate the reasoning behind things that were done and said but doesn't mean I'm happy about it!  Have a feeling it'll be worse tomorrow...

Socks are just about doing their job though!

Thought I'd wear those ones seen as I was riding in today!

2012 cycling total: 198.09 miles

25 days to go.  (just incase you wanted to know!)

Before I go, have I mentioned how much I want to be a doctor?  Filling out yet another application form.  Get so excited just thinking about it!

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