Monday, September 17, 2012


I've been slacking over the last few days, but I shall do as promised and make up for it today!

Despite a general feeling of grogginess (and an annoying headache and is really not a good time to start getting a cold...) today's actually been alright!  Dropped the brother of at school (having really only just rolled out of bed and inhaled some weetabix, before having a bath (was too tired last night!) and then cracking on with the rest of my "jobs".  A brief detour on the way home from school though, thought I'd make the most of the sunshine and the fresh morning air...

Apart from that I've mainly been reading today.  Three quarters of the way through this book already.  Might even finish it tonight!  But you all know how I like to "immerse" myself in a good book...

Particularly useful because now it's next week, and the countdown is into single figures the panic is getting a tad more real.  Not helped by my brother talking about bone grinding etc. over dinner, and he's not the one that's been in theatres and seen them in action.  I couldn't finish the rest of my food after  that because I could "taste" the thoughts, I found the air tastes/smells very distinctive when there's stuff like that going on in theatre!  It wasn't necessarily unpleasant at the time, but now I know it'll be me!

Is that enough?  I hope so!

Oh, P.S.  Submitted my applications this morning (UCAS and the special Cambridge one), so now we wait.  For a long time because the deadline is still a month away! 

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