Saturday, September 22, 2012


It's got a bit cold hasn't it?

OK, well it's not *that* cold, but a definite chill to the air! Maybe that's why I'm feeling "it" tonight...

Strange day at work today too.  One of those days where you really just lose faith in humanity, and have to wonder how some people can live with themselves, but equally how others can keep going.  I guess that's what we do though.  Giving up doesn't seem to be an option very often does it, I guess it's an evolution of our survival instincts, now there's less predators to be afraid of...

Really hope for the sake of everyone involved that tomorrow is a better day!

Suddenly I'm really looking forward to next weekend - the first weekend since June that I won't have been working, don't me wrong, I like my job (most of the time!), but we all like time off, right?

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