Wednesday, September 19, 2012


This isn't the first blog post I have written today, but I decided not to publish the first one.  It's possibly a tad "deep", comes with the risk of portraying me as a bit crazy, and after all the effort I put into writing it, it didn't really come to any conclusions.  Not only does this mean I don't really want to share it, the fact it came to no conclusion means it didn't really help, as blog writing usually does, to untangle the chaos that is the inside of a persons head!  So yep, after all that I don't have anything to show for it and I'm not feeling any better about anything!

Right, onto the "back up" blog.  The new Killers album was delivered to me today so I'm going to talk about music.  Unlike many of my peers the music I listen to has remained relatively constant over the last few years - there's been a few new additions (although on the whole they've been things I've "discovered" rather than proper new music), but the old stuff has stayed there.

I have a small segment of my music collection on a memory stick in my car, and it never ceases to amaze me that certain songs can, in an instant, take me back to somewhere.  The songs that this happens with most, are the ones I get are the songs/artists which I had almost constantly on repeat for an extended period of time!  A certain Red Hot Chili Pepper's album for example, takes me back to my first summer working down at the shop, I had it on for many of my rides to work and back!

The Hoosier's first album?  Hours in the sixth form library/the "fish bowl" revising.  Snow Patrol - Final Straw...a long car journey, destination: holiday!

The most recent additions to my music collection have been Frank Turner, and this new Killers album.  I wonder exactly what'll spring to mind when I hear those songs in a year or two...

Before I leave you, here's another spider picture.  Looks a bit fatter than the one we found before, but it might be the same one, even if it is now missing a leg...

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