Wednesday, September 12, 2012


What is it about bikes?  I haven't ridden one today, or even really looked at one but I keep thinking about riding.  And oddly, "mechanic-ing" which is something I need to make a real effort to improve when I'm back on the bike properly...

Anyway, the keeping busy thing has continued.  This morning involved book collection (and a lovely chat!), pet shop/garden centre wandering, shopping, and lunch with my Grandad!

Had to stop in the pet shop because I was passing, and it's the best shop ever.  I could spend hours in there watching the animals.  Always have something different.  Along with turkeys and ferrets, today they had giant rabbits.  Now the picture doesn't really give a sense of scale, but they really were huge!

I'm afraid that's all you're getting from me today.  I need to get back to this book.  Although most of it is quite interesting, for some reason every time I start reading it I want to fall asleep...  but I will get to the end eventually! 

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