Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Everybody dreams.  Sometimes when we have our heads in the clouds we're thinking about things that seem achievable - career goals, a new car perhaps, a bike ride; other times the dreams are a bit more unattainable but we always have something to aspire too. 

It's probably not too good to spend a lot of time dreaming though, we're living in the present after all, and it's what we're doing now that will direct us towards those things that we want so much, right?

On the other hand, if you've got something happening, at a fixed point in time, and the outcome of which determines the paths you can follow then you can't look too far ahead.  Sure, although some doors may close and others may open as a result it makes it difficult to plan.  But do you really what to spend all your time fixating on that one thing?  It becomes hard not to.  And what happens afterwards?  What if it wasn't the momentous occasion you were expecting to be?

The reality of course, is that you need to find a balance.  Fixating on one thing, particularly if it isn't an overly pleasant thing, leads to a not very positive mental attitude, and this can bring everything down.  It's not always that easy to find a balance though, and sometimes you get carried away one way or the other...

Where on this delicate see-saw you lie (if you lie on it at all, for the upcoming big event isn't something that everyone has on their horizons, although I imagine that almost everybody will have a "something" even if to others it doesn't seem that significant) can be heavily influenced by other people.  Although this influence can itself change rapidly. In one sentence someone can lead you to believe that what you long for most is indeed achievable and a real possibility, before then pointing something out which means that realistically it's not going to happen!

Que sera sera?

Easy enough to say, but a bit more of a challenge to implement that sort of mentality!

This counts as an excuse for ice cream though, yes?

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