Tuesday, September 4, 2012


The Grumposaur...

I came so very close to buying this t-shirt today, but I thought it might become some sort of self-fulfilling prophecy!  

Actually had a good day, shopping (and I don't normally like shopping) with my oldest friend.  And made good progress with my application form for medicine.  However, despite not buying the t-shirt, I am now turning into a grumposaur 'cos I'm a bit fed up of my arm hurting (more) for no reason!

22 days to go though!  Well I say that, 22 days until I have to lie around for a couple of hours whilst someone with a scalpel and a "bone grinder" (amongst other things) gets acquainted with my elbow... and then it'll probably hurt a lot more for a while.  Oh goodo.

Sorry.  I was supposed to be being all cheerful wasn't I?

Here's a nice sunset picture:

I could really do with some tea now.  And chocolate biscuits.  Anyone deliver? 

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