Wednesday, September 5, 2012


The grumposaur tried to make an appearance once or twice today (sorry, that's it, I can't stop putting it like that now!), mainly over stupid things (but you all should know by now that the inside of my head is a strange place sometimes!) but I put him/her/it to be with a ride this afternoon.

It wasn't the fastest ride (although with an average between 14 and 15 mph depending on my source it wasn't exactly slow), but it had a lot more climbing in than I've done for a while (tri-bars don't make climbing very easy!) 1161 ft according to Strava.  It was also the furthest I've ridden in over 12 months - 21.24 miles!  I'd been relatively clever and planned a route that had a few "escape" points, one of which I used towards the end because I was really starting to struggle with holding on to the bars!

It gives me even more admiration for some of the paralympians (if that's possible!), who have far worse problems.  Several have been quoted saying they don't take painkillers during competition as the pain focusses them, clearly I don't have the mind of an athlete because it made me want to stop more than anything, although I did carry on it didn't really make me feel any more focussed, and definitely didn't make me go any faster!

It was a perfect day for riding, not too hot now we're officially into autumn, but clear blue skies.  The only problem were the number of harvests going on - I got attacked a couple of times with all the dust and bits that fly off the combine harvester out into the air...(very glad I had my sunglasses on!).  This field had already been sorted though...

I guess the upside of climbing all those hills was getting to go back down them again, although on unfamiliar country roads getting up to well over 30 mph was a tad scary, but good scary I think!

So yes, really enjoyed getting out. To the people who drove past me I suspect I didn't look like I was enjoying myself, but I can promise I was smiling on the inside at least some of the time!  I fear there's not going to be many rides like this in the near future.  Am now looking forward to when I can take more painkillers though. Owwww! (sorry, I won't whinge any more!).

2012 cycling: 219.33 miles

Oh yeah, mandatory sock picture:

Not sure I've quite earned the world champion stripes yet, but I can dream though!

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