Thursday, September 13, 2012


Back to school today!

Not for me, but was accompanying my brother so he could abandon college and sign up for sixth form instead.  It was really weird being back.  Although lots of the teachers have stayed there is still a recognisable core in the sixth form staff, a couple of whom had to have a second look before they worked out who I was.  Everyone seemed very happy to hear that I'd done well at uni and am hoping to do medicine (not many people from my school got in to medicine, or Oxbridge for that matter - none did in my year).  Not that I've got in yet, but I have a 1st class degree from a respectable degree in a "difficult subject", that's enough for them!

Was great seeing my old form tutor, we didn't talk for long (we never did), but he hasn't a changed a bit. "What are you doing here, you must be at least 35 by now?! (that was a joke by the way)".

A bit odd being there really - everything there is almost identical to when I left, and yet so much has changed in my life since then (that makes me sound old!)

I'm going swimming this afternoon.  I say swimming, I don't suppose I'll actually do much proper swimming.  That's too arm-y.  I'm only going to help my friend (and we're going in the toddler's pool!), so I shall mainly be standing in a knee deep pool.  Good enough for me though! 

And the skies are blue... 

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