Thursday, May 10, 2012


Perhaps my expectations are too high but I can't say as I've come away from my hospital appointment any happier than when I went in.

I've walked past the department many times at my local hospital, and the equivalent department in a couple of other hospitals too.  Always thought it'd be a depressing place to end up!

Bit of a waste of time really, was asked the same question 5 times (by the same person), poked a couple of times and then sent away with a letter to give my GP (60 miles away!) to get a prescription for something which I have no real idea what it is or even how often to take it etc.

And she spent 5 minutes at the beginning reading through my notes, I appreciate the necessity to read through them, but I'd rather have been sitting in the waiting room than sitting in there in an awkward silence while she did it.

If it wasn't for my appointment with a new (to me) consultant next week I'd be rather grumpy now.

More drugs on top of the seemingly vast quantities that I'm already supposed to be taking, none of which are going to contribute to "fixing" the problem.  Not just more drugs, this is another drug which is likely to make me drowsy (er) and seemingly has the potential to "mess with" my brain.  *grumble grumble*.

But, as I've said I'm seeing my new consultant next week.  I expect my faith in him is a bit premature and I really shouldn't get my hopes up but I can't help it.


  1. If it's the pregablin twitter currently thinks it to be YOU WILL SLEEP LIKE A BABY, you WILL find yourself falling asleep at your desk at lunch time, you WILL find yourself feeling tired by 16:00 in the afternoon no matter how much coke you drink (P.S. don't over do the cola - chances are you'll be sleeping too soundly to realise your bladder wants your attention).
    You WILL find out who around you you can trust (or at least I did in this office! They even made me a pillow!)
    Oh - AND AVOID DRINKING ON IT! Half a pint of cider and I was... asleep. And didn't wake up for many many hours. But gosh when mixing it with drink do you find yourself finding what it is like to be completely pain free. As in NOT EVEN A TINY PAIN!

    Really hoping it helps though. It makes the difference to me from being curled up in a small ball on the bathroom floor unable to drag myself to bed much less prepare any kind of meal or work to being able to work full time, restore a fire engine, cook, clean, and drag 100kg blowers across the workshop floor. Not that I recommend dragging the blower around the workshop. That's just stupidity - which alas this drug can't help with that.

  2. Oh - and not to put too fine a point on it (Hope big sister isn't reading this) don't be entirely unsurprised if certain "pleasurable sensations" find themselves not as strong as below.
    It's blanket effect on the nerves isn't always good!