Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Despite not really sleeping last night today was going well.  I had a meeting and got some stuff sorted out, and I made plans to sort out the un-sorted things.

Then I had a phone call.
"I'm just sorting out your referral, you need to see a specialist in a hospital environment, is that OK?"
Well yes, I'd asked to be referred to a consultant's clinic so I hardly expected anything else.
"OK, well the closet hospital to you offering those services is..."
Now I was confused, the referral form which I had watched my GP write, and I handed in myself named a consultant at a specific hospital, and had my home address on rather than my uni one as that's where the hospital is.  The hospital she gave me as the close was the one that I walk past every day on my way to uni...

So not only did they ignore the fact I'd chosen a specific consultant (which I was assured is OK to do and wouldn't be a problem), they didn't even read the address given on my form (this wasn't me trying to fiddle the system or anything - my GP had said it was fine.)

I tried to explain the situation, although I didn't do a very good job because I don't do phone calls well at the best of times, and she really caught me off guard.

"I'll ring you back in half an hour".

Longest half an hour of my life.  No, not metaphorically, it really was a long half an hour. In fact after what looked to me like 4 and a half hours I gave up and rang the GP surgery, who told me who my files had been passed on to so with a couple of calls and a bit of googling I managed to speak the right person - 
"You're name rings a bell, oh yes, sorry we forgot to let you know, we've passed your details on to the right hospital now and they'll be in touch"

In the process of sorting all this out I have heard back from the pain management clinic  - my appointment choices were next Thursday or July.  Next week isn't great for me, given I'm home 'til Tuesday, back at uni for Wednesday and Thursday morning and then will just have to drive back down again for the afternoon but I'm not waiting until July!  I've done idea how this clinic works but I assume that means what ever the result of next week is there will be a long wait to see them again but we'll see how it goes.  At least I'm in.  I was getting worried because my consultant (well he's not my consultant anymore...) suggested it might be a wait of a few months.

At least I'm getting somewhere.

I have a feeling that if/when I get a call about seeing the new consultant the only days/times they will be able to do will be ones that that turn my calendar into even more of a logistical nightmare.  Feeling a tad stressed now, too many phone calls all at once and too much to do! Really not what I need with exams looming!

I was going to reminisce about something in detail, but I'm rather conscious that this rather unplanned turn of events has given you lots to read already so I shall brief.  I had to hand in some work today (well it's not due 'til next week but I wanted to get it out of the way).  Had to hand it in in a building I haven't been in much during my degree.  In fact I'd say 4 or 5 times for tutorials in first year.  The reason for this is that lowly undergrads aren't allowed in.  It terrified me in 1st year having to buzz and ask to come in, it was almost as terrifying doing the same thing today!

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