Saturday, May 19, 2012


A quick revision update:  Things seem to be going OK, there is still more left to learn at this stage than I would like but I'm getting there.  Still struggling with the idea of speaking answers in coherent sentences rather than writing them out though!  Not much else I can do to improve this so will just have to hope that as the answers start to become more familiar to me the words will come as well...

Have yet to leave the house today, but confirmation of my MRI appointment came today.  I know that the process of lying there and being scanned for however long it takes will most likely be rather boring but I'm still kind of excited about it.  Presumably due to the fact I have a vague understanding of the science behind it (and it is rather clever!), made even better by the fact the our admissions tutor took me on an impromptu tour of the Sir Peter Mansfield MRI centre on campus a couple of years ago. Combine that with the fact that being scanned seems to me like a reasonable step on the path to being mended and perhaps you can see why I'm looking forward to it!

Right, my enthusiasm has somewhat waned but I need to get back to work.  It would be nice if I can get most things sorted today so tomorrow is just brushing up on a few things and then Monday can involve no panicking, but if the last lot of exams are anything to go by I'm not optimistic! 

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