Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Now it's officially less than 3 weeks until exams the panic has it.  My brain has finally realised!

I have managed to finally finish my biosynthesis notes (after how many weeks?) so thought I'd tackle the workshop questions, they're in the style of exam questions so figured it'd be a good place to start (and if I want them marked they have to be done my this time next week anyway).

I made it through half a question.  It took me an hour.  Didn't even have to think too much as most of it was copied straight from my notes.  Plus that was my limit on writing so couldn't do the second half (of just the first question!).  This leaves me slightly worried.  There is no way that in the exam I can afford to spend that long on half a question, but being purely a synthesis thing I'm not entirely sure that I could explain it to the scribe either.

Panic panic panic.

And having gone to all that effort I've now had to give up on work for a while because I cannae write any more!

Panic panic panic.

Heard back from the first of the 3 jobs I applied for too.  It was the one that I was least expecting to get so it didn't really come as a surprise to get an e-mail telling me that I didn't make the shortlist for the interview.  I don't mind really, but it's never great being told you're not good enough for something!

I'm also debating how much time to spend at home.  My original plan had been to spend little time here, and be home as much as possible, but because everything I need is here, and I seem to work better, not to mention I didn't fancy too much driving I'd decided to stay here until the end of exams.  However I've now been offered some work at home at the weekend, and spending time at home means getting away from a...erm...."situation" here.  I think it's fair to say that after almost 2 years together in the house at least one relationship is more than a little strained.  Not entirely sure what I'll do yet.

Panic panic panic.

See the underlying theme here?

Gerbils are perhaps helping to keep me sane.  Ludo looks rather cosy here!

Right, I should probably go and talk some sense into myself now. And find some painkillers too.  'til tomorrow chaps and chapesses.

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