Saturday, May 12, 2012


A sunny Saturday :-)

Did a little bit of work reasonably early this morning before visiting the grandfolks, they're off on holiday on Monday and I'll be back at uni again when they come back.

Not wanting to waste the good weather I went for a run.  4.3 km.  Not too bad a pace either considering that's further than I've ever ran.  Had lunch and then did almost the same route (4.5 km) on the bike.  Not at any great speed, although I did get QOM of strava (being the only female who's done that segment yet...).  Legs feel remarkably good (better than my arm at any rate!).

Exercise and sunshine seem to have got me smiling again.

Something tells me I'm not going to get much work done this afternoon though...

2012 Cycling Miles: 52.72 miles
2012 Running: 13.12 km (8.2 miles)

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