Sunday, May 13, 2012


You nearly got a second post from me yesterday, having been feeling remarkably cheerful I ended up getting myself a bit worked up.  Even a TV program which I usually enjoy picked a bad week to involve a topic which has suddenly become a bit close to me.

So this morning I got up early to finish the notes from the first half of the module, I had hoped to have all the notes for the module done by tomorrow, 1 week until the exam.  Having got that out of the way early on I am now almost halfway into a Lord of the Rings marathon.  Not sure why, but I really fancied it.  

It seems to be doing a reasonable job so far and there are still many hours to go.

There isn't now too long to wait
2 sleeps to go 'til all is clear
2 more sleeps 'til I find my fate
Disappointment though is what I fear

In my head he is almost God
With many years beneath his belt
A long and tricky path he trod
To help me with what I was dealt

I will still maintain some hope
What I don't yet know cannot hurt
There is no point to sit and mope
To happiness I should revert

In the famous words of The Killers, "Everything will be alright".  I just need to stop being such a worrier! 

The boring lovey-dovey bit in The Two Towers is over and they're back to fighting to I'll stop writing now.  Enjoy the rest of your weekend folks, I know mine shall be...erm...well spent! :P

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