Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Well now seems like as good a time as any to write today's post.

I seem to have got myself stuck in a bit of a perpetual grump.

I think there's a number of factors to be blamed mind:
*Impending important exams + coursework
OK, so things left to be done count for only 18.5% of my degree, but that's still a significant enough chunk that I need to do well when I'm on the borderline between a 1st and 2:1!  With my January exams being my worst ever exam results (they weren't that bad really, but it's below par for me) and I could do without repeating that experience!

*Associated revision
First exam is on Monday, I'm used to not feeling "ready" for an exam until a couple of days before but for various reasons I feel really quite under prepared at the moment.  I'll keep working at it obviously, and I'm sure I'll be fine (well I'm not "sure" but anyway), just need to focus and put the hours in for the last few days!

Proof I have been revising.  It's all maths and graphs and I don't like it!

*Job hunting
Whatever I end up doing I could really do with a job for the next year.  I'm probably being too fussy but struggling to find things I want to apply for, let alone things I have a chance of getting!

*Sore arm
Doesn't need much more saying about it!

*Being tired
Sure that will at least have improved if I get a decent night's sleep.

*General what to do with life-ness
I've been hit by a pang of self doubt again.  Probably brought on by the fact I've just registered to take my UKCAT (7 weeks today!).  If someone wants to decide for me it would be greatly appreciated!

*More arm related woes
After yesterday there has been what can almost be described as progress.  Well the consultant has a couple of ideas what the problem might be (both are rather heavily linked to mistakes previously being made with my care...).  If either of his suggestions are right I'll need more surgery.  But I don't find out for another 48 days (not that I'm counting...), having an MRI somewhere between now and then.  I don't  do waiting very well.  Especially as it means my appointment where I might finally get set on the road to being "fixed" is almost a year to the day since I crashed.  Things shouldn't take that long.  And that's only on the road to being'll be ages after that 'til I'm all sorted.  And that's only if it is one of the things he thinks it might be! (based on my saying ow when he poked various spots on my arm!)

OK, I'll stop complaining now, although that was rather cathartic!

I have in between bouts of moping managed to be almost productive.  Went and picked up my prescription, and dropped off the letter to give to my GP about new drugs which I don't think I actually want...

And I went shopping too.

Oh, and I went for a run.  10 seconds slower than my previous attempt at the same distance (3.1 km) , but that can be attributed to time waiting to cross the road right?  I did also set my fastest (and the fastest out of the 3 people that have ran it) time on the segment of the canal that I run along which was nice. Not sure I'll be walking tomorrow though!

Here's my proper photo of the day.  I think it's the Cripp's halls of residence building.  I walked past it on the way to the doctors.  Thought it looked nice in the sunshine :-)

Right, I probably ought to get back to revision (or "vision") as much of it seems to be!  Enjoy your evenings!

2012 running: 16.1 km 

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