Monday, May 7, 2012


Well after 3 days of bank holiday fun working in the shop I'm pretty tired.  Thankfully there's no rush to get back to Nottingham in the morning, other than the need to get some work done.  

I hadn't expected to get a lot done while I was home - finished my coursework (needed to get that done to avoid another trip up and down the motorway to hand it in later in the week!), and did a practice UKCAT (which I thought I did pretty well on for a first look at it, apart from the abstract reasoning bit), thought it was about time I started getting organised with that - going to book it once I've got the next round of hospital appointments out the way and know where I stand!

The only "interesting" thing that's happened to me today, apart from being at work was managing to make myself laugh at the same time as choking.  I've become infamous amongst my family for laughing - when I get going I laugh silently, but can't stop.  Not great at the best of times (and has a habit of occurring when I have a mouthful of something which often gets "ejected" from my mouth!  That's the first time it's happened while choking though.  It did have me briefly worried because it's makes it rather difficult to breathe....think I've pulled several muscles now!

I failed at getting an "exciting" photo from the shop, but here's some nice bikes :)

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