Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Wow I was nervous this morning, I'm not sure what I was quite so worried about but it had hit me hard!

Arrived at the hospital 10 minutes before my appointment and checked in and took a seat.  Little did I know this would be my view for over 2 hours!

It later transpired that there had been some sort of admin error so although the computer in reception knew I was coming, and I'd been booked in on it I wasn't on the consultant's official list so I never got called!  I sat and waited going through various stages of nerves - shaking, feeling sick etc. I did go and ask at reception after an hour, "no, we haven't heard of any delays" and then again 45 minutes later (having had a conversation with a very nice elderly gentleman who used to be a doctor but is now rather poorly :( ) and witnessing a young boy throw up (and make a very big mess!).  

And so the mistake was noticed and my notes needed to be hunted down.  By the time I was called in (they let me in before my notes had been retrieved just so I could have a "change of scenery") my nerves had vanished so maybe it was a good thing!  I was seen in the end which is the important thing!

I haven't decided how I feel "post-seeing-consultant", but that's alright I don't have time to feel anything.  There's kinetics to be learnt! 

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