Friday, May 4, 2012


I'm going to stay quiet again tonight, with just a brief explanation about 2 photos.

Today was one of the last times I'll be in the chemistry building so I thought I'd take a picture of something I walk past nearly every time I'm there.  I'm disappointed that in my 3 years of studying chemistry I haven't had the chance to play with liquid nitrogen.  

Really would have loved to have dipped something in it, or even been one of the people that I've always watched carrying a flask of it to the lab, but alas - it remains out of my reach!

My second picture today is an extract from a leaflet I received along with the details for my first appointment at the pain clinic next week (if all else fails there'll be a proper blog post that day - promise!). I don't like to say it but I'm a bit skeptical about at least 1 of the things on this list.  I'm almost 100% sure that none of these are clinically *proven*, although I know there is evidence in some cases.   Not all though.  But hey, I've got an open mind and I'm sure it can't hurt to try.  Glad I've taken matters into my own hands such as this isn't the only option I have mind...


  1. TENs is clinically proven (with a strong physiological and scientific basis). As is Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (A specific form of counselling)for almost all forms of pain.

    There is evidence for Acupuncture and relaxation and group work. But it's a bit light. Acupuncture is probably a less scientific version of TENs which suits some people. Relaxation and group stuff probably work on more psychological methods. (I could chat about the psychology of pain for hours but I shan't because you'd get very bored.)

  2. Thanks Mat! I knew there was a fair amount of stuff for TENS, my reading suggested that although it had been found useful it wasn't entirely proven, with the professionals saying "absence of evidence isn't evidence of absence". Acupuncture looks like it needs more research into specific areas, I'm open to it though!

    The pyschological stuff is predictably where my skeptism lies, I'm open to be proved wrong by it mind...