Monday, May 14, 2012


I'm not going to go on and on tonight because I feel like I've got a lot of work to do.  This time next week it's more than likely that I'll still be sitting in my first exam of the season (my extra time means it runs from 1630 to 1930!)

Having made notes for half of this module I decided it was too late in the game to start making revision notes for the second half seen as I'm probably not learning *that* much by writing so I started having a look at past paper(s).  Haven't even made it through one yet 'cos the questions don't link up very well to the notes (i.e. I can find related topics but not really an answer to the actual question), and it would appear that I don't remember very much so it's been slow going, but hey ho, I've got time.  I'll get there (I hope!)

Have also had a break to go swimming for my brother. I was going on the logic that swimming was supposed to be gentle exercise,'s not very gentle on the arm is it?

What I was going to talk about today, so I'll mention briefly, is a chat I had with someone via text last night.  I know a certain amount of what was said was trying to make me feel better (maybe getting a tad worried about my hospital appt. tomorrow!), but he said he thought I was brave, I replied that I wasn't but he insisted that based on what I've dealt with over the last year that he really admires my bravery.  Nope, definitely not.  There are many, many people who unfortunately get dealt far worse cards than me and do a whole lot better with them!  What I've done, I've done because there's not a lot of choice, and even then I've whinged about the whole thing quite a lot (as you are probably far too aware!).  Just thought I'd mention it anyway.

Before I go here is a gerbil picture (was going to get a picture of the pair of them but the other one won't sit still for long enough!)

Right, that's your lot from me.  I'll get back to panicking about revision, and tomorrow!  Enjoy your evening! :-)

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  1. I think he's probably right. You are brave, because your dealing with it and trying to overcome it and you're not letting it define you.
    (Other people being more brave/dealing with more does not detract from you it merely proves we're in a complex world)
    I also think you probably need to learn to take a compliment :-)