Friday, May 18, 2012


Figured now would be a good time to do today's post.  I'm just recovering from my revision break run.  

Running is what I wanted to talk about today anyway.  Going out for a 20 minute run round and about definitely lacks the adrenaline of mountain biking, but I see it as a similar "physical and mental feat" as road riding.  You need a certain amount of strength in your legs (and the rest of your body) and you definitely need a level of cardiovascular fitness but a lot of it is in the mind.

In my run today, I managed to knock off almost a minute, which I think it pretty impressive on a 3 km run.  That's because despite the burning of legs and lungs, for the most part I carried on pushing.  I know it's important not to push "too hard" 'cos I don't want to do myself an injury, and I think thats reflected in the fact that the last 2/3 of a km or so were slower than previous efforts but I worked hard enough early on to beat my time!

Despite now feeling a tad like I might die I feel good, like I've actually achieved something...hopefully the progress will continue!

A quick word on exams/revision - I feel like I'm still making (much needed) progress with learning stuff.  Although there is a long way to go which is a bit worrying seen as Monday is rather close!  I keep finding things which I'd brushed over as being small and insignificant but it turns out they are neither of those!  I'll keep plodding on though...

Slightly less worried about the scribe situation (emphasis on slightly!), I have had contact from my new scribe.  Difficult to tell from a couple of e-mails but he seems nice enough.  He's a final year organic PhD student so at least won't have the problems of not knowing about general structures and stuff.  Organised to meet him on Monday morning just so we can work a few things out, despite the fact that, unlike my previously allocated scribe, he hasn't had the formal scribe training, he has already asked questions like "what side do I want him to sit on?" so it sounds like he knows what he's doing.  As far as that question goes I have no idea!

Before I go, here's today's photo.  It's a really rubbish photo - I apologise for that!  Had to pop into the chemistry building to drop off some notes to a second year friend and there appeared to be exciting things going on!

Right.  Back to catalysis revision with me!

2012 running total: 19.1 km

(PS in other news had my MRI letter today - T-25 days until I get to experience "NMR" first hand!)

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