Friday, August 31, 2012


26 days to go! (Sorry, I've started counted down and now I can't stop!)

So, London!!

My experimenting with £15 screw-on wide angle lens thing didn't go all that well really, but you get what you pay for!  Had a really lovely day though, I'm slightly less scared of London than I was before  (very useful seen as one of my uni choices for medicine is in London!) and am glad I've finally seen some of the big sights!

Here's a few of the pictures though:

The London Eye was really good, even if getting on and off it proved to be rather challenging, a nice and clear day meant we could see a long way, although there were a few arguments about which building was which!  Our "cruise" along the Thames was also really good, even if we had to sit on the inside bit because the top was full.  I actually really enjoyed the educational commentary!

There were lots of little things which made it good too - crazy juggling man, wobbly mum on the pontoon (?), changing of the guard (and being very glad I wasn't the poor woman in the way - very close to the big horses, very pointy looking swords and a shouty man!), looking for Boris on one of his bikes, the list goes on!

A few unwanted wandering brain thoughts in the car journey on the way down, but reverted to much more pleasant day-dreaming on the way home! Seemed to alternate between bikes and medicine which I can't complain about, and definitely passed the time nicely. :-)

Really quite tired now, and I have a book to start so I shan't waffle on any more, particularly after the almost epicness of yesterday's post!

Glad to be ending the week on a positive note, I say ending the week as I'm working all weekend (at least I think I am...) so this is it for me!

What's that?  I've reached the end of a post with minimal complaining and grumbling?  About time!    And I wasn't even wearing new socks today.

Don't suppose it will last mind! 

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